There’s a lot riding on your choice of tyre; grip, handling in the wet and dry, high speed stability, ride comfort, noise levels, road feedback and fuel efficiency. That’s why we recommend you only choose tyres that have been designed for your Lexus.


It's vital your tyres are in a good condition so you and your passengers stay safe on the road. The condition of your tyres can also affect your vehicle's stopping distance in the wet. We can fit the right tyre for your vehicle at a very competitive price - and if you find it cheaper locally within five days, we'll even price-match. Terms and conditions apply, just ask your local Lexus Centre for details.



When the temperature drops below 7°C, the tread compound in normal tyres begins to harden. This reduces your car’s grip on the road and increases stopping distances. Lexus Winter Tyres use a special rubber compound and tread design to combat this, providing a safer alternative